.CTC: Bring and Buy Sale

.CTC: Bring and Buy Sale

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Welcome to the Canadian Tabletop Championship Bring and Buy Sale Info Page!  

All CTC gaming convention attendees can participate in a massive Bring and Buy (B&B) consignment sale also known as a Gamers Garage Sale! The CTC Staff will be available on Friday night and all day Saturday for the collection and processing of your wargaming related miniatures, terrain, accessories, reference materials, boardgames, comics and much more that you wish to sell. 

The intent of this bring and buy is to allow our awesome tabletop gaming community to get together and have fun buying and selling their used treasures in an organized fashion. The B&B tables will be located at the back of the main gaming hall next to the Kessel Run Games Vendor booth.

Key information regarding the CTC Bring and Buy Sale:

  • A CTC gaming convention General Admission ticket is required in order to participate in this Bring and Buy Sale ($5 per person donated to charity)
  • Drop Off and Registration will be Friday 3 May 1700-2200h and Saturday 4 May between 1000-1900h.
  • Sale will open on Sunday 5 May between 1000-1900h
  • The CTC B&B Team reserve the right to refuse any sellers items at their sole discretion
  • A 10% commission fee is removed off of all sales proceeds
  • A minimum of $1 commission fee per transaction from each sale.
  • No item or bundle of items worth less than a $5 per unit will be accepted.
  • A Seller can cash out at anytime during the sale on Sunday
  • The sale ends at 1900h Sunday sharp and all Sellers must report to the B&B table to collect their transaction proceeds and any remaining items.
  • Any items that are not collected or coordinated with the B&B Team may be forfeited to the CTC after Sunday 5 May.

CTC Bring and Buy Labelling Instructions:

  • Each seller will label their items with one sticker. 
  • Each label must have the Sellers 3 character initials, Item #, and Price.
  • It is recommended that each Seller create a list of items organized by title, item# and price and submit the list to the B&B team at registration.

We look forward to see you with your family and friends at Canada's Tabletop Convention this May 2019!