*CTC: Warhammer 40k Championship Open

*CTC: Warhammer 40k Championship Open

  • $90.00
  • Save $15

Welcome to the Canadian Tabletop Championship ticket sales page. 

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Through this web commerce portal you will be able to purchase your Warhammer 40k Championship Open pass for the CTC gaming convention.

Our CTC Gaming Convention will be held in Ottawa Ontario at the Rideau Curling Club between 1-3 May 2020!

This is your two day Warhammer 40k Championship Open pass for Saturday 2 May through Sunday 3 May 2020. This includes a 3 day General Admission bracelet (valued at $15) in addition to your event for full floor access to the gaming convention!

Early bird pricing will be in effect until October 31 2019.

Upon purchase please print your receipt or have electronically available at checking in for this CTC organized event.

Please use your Best Coast Pairings/ITC email address to register on this website so that your CTC and BCP accounts will match and there will not be an issue for your ITC points.

Key information regarding your CTC Warhammer 40k Championship Open Pass:

    • Event questions please email  events@ctcgc.org
    • This is a 100 player ITC Major and Games Workshop sanctioned event. 
    • It will be a 3 round Saturday and 3 round Sunday event using swiss-pairing through the Best Coast Pairings app.
    • Appearance (Paint and Hobby) as well as Sportsmanship scores will each be worth the equivalent points of a Tournament Round (42 points each).
    • This event will be an ITC Major and use the ITC 2020 Championship Missions once they have been released.
    • ITC Code Of Conduct and Terrain Guidelines will be in effect for enclosed ruins.
    • The Convention is open Friday thru Sunday 1,2 and 3 May 2020
    • Event pass includes General Admission ticket for full floor access
    • You will be able to view the finals of any Championship Events.
    • Be aware that the ITC 2020 season will likely see changes coming in April 2020 and so be prepared for minor changes to the ITC as they will be in effect for CTC! 
    • The Player Pack will be launched in v1.0 as of 1 January 2020 and will accomodate any major FAQ etc that may be released by GW.
    • All refunds subject to 30% administration fee
    • No refunds after 1 March 2020
    • Transferring tickets is free, email info@ctcgc.org

    We look forward to see you with your family and friends at Canada's Tabletop Convention this May 2020!