Canadian Tabletop Championship 2019

News Release as of 12 May 2019 by CTC

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The Canadian Tabletop Championship (CTC) is a cornerstone national gaming convention for any tabletop enthusiast! A great selection of events will be available for families, casual gamers, and professionals gamers all under one roof!  The three day CTC gaming convention will be held Friday 3 May through Sunday 5 May 2019 at the Rideau Curling Club in downtown Ottawa Ontario!

The CTC gaming convention will host five championship tournaments, more than 12 premier events, many casual events, as well as hundreds of board gaming options for fun gamers who are looking to have a great time!  To come out and enjoy the Community Gaming Convention, see all the action, check out the Vendors the General Admission fee for a full day is only $5 per person and children 12 and under are FREE! 

CTC gaming convention general hours of operation are:

  • Friday open to the general public 1600h to 2300h.
  • Saturday open to the general public 1000h to 2300h
  • Sunday open to the general public 1000h to 2000h
  • Note many events open and start before the general public hours. Check your events for specific schedules!

The inaugural CTC gaming convention will include the most popular tabletop gaming systems as well as a fantastic selection of old time favorites to ensure a broad offering to all tabletop gamers in our community. Below is the listing of Championship, Premiere, Casual, Demo, and Hobby Events that you will be able to participate in for this year!

Championship Tournaments:

  • Warhammer 40k Championship Open (Sat/Sun, ITC Major)
  • Star Wars X-Wing Championship Open (Saturday)
  • Infinity Championship Open (Saturday, ITS s10)
  • Bolt Action Championship Open (Saturday, WGTC)
  • The 9th Age Championship Open (Sat/Sun)

      Premier Tournaments and Events:

      • Magic the Gathering- War of the Spark Sanctioned Draft (Friday night)
      • Warhammer 40k Casual (Friday, ITC RTT)
      • Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy Narrative (Saturday)
      • Warhammer Kill Team Casual (Saturday)
      • Flames of War Tournament (Saturday)
      • Team Yankee Tournament (Sunday)
      • Bolt Action Escalation Casual (Sunday)
      • Infinity Casual (Sunday)
      • Warhammer Adeptus Titanicus Narrative (Sunday)
      • Warhammer 40k Random Doubles Casual (Sunday)

      Open Gaming Area:

      • The OGA will be a large open play gaming area run by Meeples to Go and will have access to a massive library of 100+ board games from Friday afternoon through Sunday night! 
      • Saturday Night Gaming and Social
      • Infinity Open Play Gaming 
      • Bolt Action Open Play Gaming 
      • Warhammer 40k Open Play Gaming 
      • Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Play Gaming
      • The 9th Age Open Play Gaming
      • Star Wars X-Wing Open Play Gaming 
      • Star Wars Armada Open Play Gaming 
      • Flames of War Open Play Gaming 
      • Team Yankee Open Play Gaming 
      • Star Wars Legion and Imperial Assault
      • Warhammer Apocalypse, Nightvault / Shadespire, Blood Bowl
      • Magic the Gathering Casual
      • RPGs, D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Star Wars and much more
      • Plus many more game systems and formats as they join the CTC convention!

      Family, Hobby, Interest, Cosplay and Special Events:

      • Open Hobby Area for fun meet-up, clinics, and hobby time!
      • Children's Workshop. Build, Paint, Take home a miniature!
      • Gaming Retail Space with a range of games, miniatures, accessories, and more provided by local gaming stores
      • Massive Gamers Garage Sale. Drop off Friday and Saturday, first come first to buy on Sunday
      • Panelists and Seminars with key Gaming Industry partners
      • Painting and Hobby Seminars
      • Social Events throughout the weekend and a fully staffed bar onsite!
      • Access to representatives from all major Sponsorship Partners 
      • Minis Hospital station for all those last minute fixes when miniatures Break!

      The CTC is a revenue neutral Community Gaming Convention (CGC) that is buildings and promoting a professional tabletop events framework for the future of tabletop gaming. To look at the amazing charities that the CTC is supporting please review the bottom section of this article to see how the CTC is giving back to our Community.

       The CTC and Charitable Organizations

      Please note that the CTC is a revenue neutral gaming convention. The two charities which the CTC has partnered with are Wounded Warriors Canada and the CHEO Foundation for children.

      • The CTC which will be donating all General Admission tickets sold to the WWC soldier fund. Please support the WWC fund by bringing a small donation for them at their booth. The founder of the CTC is a 17 year veteran of the Canadian Army and knows first hand how important it is to support our soldiers who are left vulnerable once release due to major physical disabilities. 
      • The CTC will also make a matched donation up to $1,000 to the CHEO Foundation to help families with sick children who need help. The goal for the integration of CHEO at the CTC is to create absolutely crazy fun terrain to showcase hand made, colourful, themed tables made entirely of LEGO! These tables will be used in the conventions for fun events and donations jars will be available at each table for the community to make donations. 


      Get excited for this Canadian cornerstone gaming convention, you will not want to miss it! Contact the Canadian Tabletop Championship team for more details.

      For all General Inquiries please email

      For all Events Inquiries please email

      For all Retailer Exhibitors and Sponsorship Inquiries please email

      We look forward to seeing You, your Family and your Friends this May the 4th be with you weekend!

      Mark your calendars for CTC20 to be hosted in Ottawa Canada 1-3 May 2020.

       ~The CTC Team